Tour Policies

Tour Committee Members

Jared Siminoff, Clark MacPherson, Ashley Zibrik & Greg Pool

Mission Statement:

“To create a social, yet competitive tournament atmosphere for  Lower Mainland PGA of BC Members.”



All competitors must be PGA of BC Members in good standing and priority will be given to PGA of BC Members who are employed full time by a golf facility. 


It’s the member’s responsibility to know if they are a member in good standing (If they are listed on the PGA of BC website under the title – professionals, they are a member in good standing). If the member is not in good standing, they will forfeit the cheque(s) earned at tournament(s) during this time.


A member is not permitted to play the G&G Tour if they are playing a ‘major’ golf tour during the BC golf season(March to October) in the same season.



Registration Procedure & Time of Starting:

* Please Note: Under no circumstances will registration for events be accepted verbally or via Social Media (Facebook and Twitter).

To register please email

Players must register at least 20 minutes prior to their scheduled tee time. If playing in the final group, please register a minimum of 30 minutes prior to starting time. After this time the registration table will be closed to allow adequate warm up time for those helping with registration.


Rule 6-3a provides: “The player must start at the time established by the Committee.” The penalty for breach of 6-3a is disqualification. However, it is a condition of the competition that, if the player arrives at his starting point, ready to play, within five minutes after his starting time, in the absence of circumstances that warrant waiving the penalty of disqualification as provided in Rule 33-7, the penalty for failure to start on time is two strokes at the first hole in stroke play instead of disqualification.

Clubhouse Leader:

Following the round the player(s) who are currently leading must stay out of respect to the tour and participants unless prior arrangements have been made. The eventual winner will be given the opportunity to speak and may be required to participate in a post-win interview.

Late Withdrawal from Event:

A confirmation of the field is sent early in the prior week to an event with the draw being released the Friday before Monday's event. Withdrawals that occur after the release of the draw will be subject to a fine and will be placed on the wait list for all remaining events on that season's schedule.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations must be received at least 72 hours prior to the start of an event. Failure to cancel properly will result in the player forfeiting 50% of their entry fee for that event. The entry fee will have to be paid before entry into further events is permitted. Appeals may be made in writing within 24 hours and will be reviewed by the Tour’s Committee on a case-by-case basis.


Female Competitors: 

Female competitors participating in TOUR events will be allowed to play from a forward tees in which the yardage is approximately 10% less than the tees used by the Male competitors.


Lifting an embedded Ball:

The “Embedded Ball Rule” as written in Appendix 1 is in effect “through the green.”



Ties for first place will be final other than in the Tour Championship where a playoff will be required if daylight permits. All other ties will remain split prize money and points.



Caddies are permitted, provided that they do not wear spiked shoes. Caddies are not included in the post round meal and may not have access to Food & Beverage (varies club to club).


Power carts:

Power Carts are not permitted during competitive rounds. The Tour’s Committee may allow power carts to competitors that have a medical condition which would not allow them to compete otherwise.


Alcohol Consumption:

NO ALCOHOL to be consumed during the course of play, or while on premises prior to play except in licensed areas of the clubhouse.

1st offence: Official Warning

2nd offence: Disqualification from event

3rd offence: Player will be suspended from competing in G&G TOUR events for the remainder of the year. 

*Additional disciplinary action may be administered if a serious violation of professional code of conduct has occurred.



All professionals are required to present a neat appearance in both clothing and personal grooming. You are required at all times to maintain an acceptable standard of dress both on the golf course and in the clubhouse. Shorts are not permitted in any G&G Tour events, unless a special local rule is posted when the draw is released.

Players must attempt to be competitive and must conduct themselves in a professional manner.

1st offence: Official Warning

2nd offence: Disqualification from event

3rd offence: Player will be suspended from competing in G&G TOUR events for the remainder of the year. 

*Additional discipline may be administered if a serious violation of professional code of conduct has occurred.


Pace of Play:

The tour will arrange to have groups play in threesomes where possible, to maintain proper pace of play. Also, as a condition of membership, a player in an early group will be expected to return to the golf course and monitor pace of play of the remaining field. If an individual or group is determined to have been slow:

1st offence: Official Warning

2nd offence: Two stroke penalty

3rd offence: Disqualification from event.

4th offence: Player will be suspended from competing in G&G TOUR events for the remainder of the year.

In the case where individuals causing a group to be slow cannot easily be identified, the entire group will receive the warning.

Return of Scorecards:

Upon completion of play, failure to return scorecards in a timely manner may result in disqualification. For the purpose of applying Rule 6-6c, a competitor is considered to have returned his scorecard when he has first left the scoring area.

Any player failing to return a scorecard (DNF):

1st offence: Player will be omitted from the TOUR’s Order of Merit and Scoring Average standings.

2nd offence: Player will be suspended from competing in TOUR events for the remainder of the year. 

*Additional discipline may be administered if a serious violation of professional code of conduct has occurred. 



A player must not play a practice stroke or roll a ball on or near the putting green of the hole last played. The penalty is two strokes to be applied on the last hole played, to a maximum of four strokes. In the case of a multiple round tournament being played at one course, practice on the course between rounds is prohibited. In the case of a multiple round tournament being played at more than one course, practice on the course yet to be played is prohibited. Penalty is disqualification. 


Order of Merit:

The Points Race will determine the Tour Championship field (Top 24).

Ties in qualifying for the Tour Championship and Georgia Strait Cup will be broken by highest point earner in an individual event.


Tour Match Play:

All matches must be completed by date listed on bracket otherwise a coin flip will occur.

All matches must be completed at a ‘neutral’ course unless agreed upon by both players.

All players who advance past the Round of 16 will receive earnings.

Inclement Weather Policy:

The purpose of this policy is to provide an equitable alternative to cancelling a round experiencing inclement weather.

Inclement Weatherincludes, but is not limited to:

– Heavy Rain, puddles preventing putting on the green

– Thunder and Lightening

– Darkness

– Strong Winds, dangerous conditions


In the event of inclement weather after the start of the event, but before all groups finish, the Tour reserves the right to abbreviate the stipulated round (also the skins game) to the maximum number of holes deemed to be playable by all competitors, but a minimum of 9 holes. If such conditions limit the number of holes deemed playable to less than 9 holes, the entire round will be cancelled. 


All decisions not covered in the Inclement Weather Policy shall be made by the committee, in consideration of equity to the field.

“By entering an event on the G&G Tour, I have agreed to adhere to the Tour’s policies and procedures.”