Past Seasons in Review


Phil Jonas kicked off the season in style firing a blistering 64 at Marine Drive en route to a 3-shot victory. He won again at Tsawassen Springs and then tied for the top spot in Whistler in July. The season belonged to Luke Bogdan, who tied for 1st at the Richmond CC major and won at Chilliwack before posted a pair of 4-under 68s at the Tour Championship to win his first G&G Tour Championship. The two-ball event returned at Furry Creek with Lenny Cyr & Dave Zibrik tying for the win with Bryn Parry & Kevin Stinson. There were three first time winners on tour in 2019; Nico Addessi at Richmond, Jared Siminoff at Whistler and Scott Cameron at Bald Eagle.

Marine Drive // Phil Jonas, 64

Capilano // Clark MacPherson, 67

Quilchena // Brad Clapp, 69

Tsawassen Springs // Phil Jonas, 66

Richmond CC // Nico Addessi, Kevin Stinson & Luke Bogdan, 70

Chilliwack // Luke Bogdan, 66

Whistler GC // Phil Jonas & Jared Siminoff, 70

Squamish Valley // Bryn Parry, 68

Bald Eagle // Scott Cameron, 73

Furry Creek 2-ball // Cyr/Zibrik & Parry/Stinson, 65

Tour Championship // Luke Bogdan, 136


Low scores were a theme in the 2018 season. Lenny Cyr's 8-under 64 to win at University GC was the lowest round on tour in five years. There were also four 66's to win from Luke Bogdan, John Shin, Oliver Tubb and Andrew Rasmussen. The year belonged to Oliver Tubb & Bryn Parry both of whom won three times. Parry led the tour in scoring average at 70.4. The Tour Championship was shortened to one day at Seymour, which ended as a four-way split of the title between Bryn Parry, Padraic O’Rourke, Phil Jonas & Brad Clapp at 3-under.

Marine Drive // Oliver Tubb, 67

Quilchena // Cory Renfrew, 67

Capilano // Bryn Parry & Matt Palsenbarg, 67

Richmond // Bryn Parry, 69

Pitt Meadows // Luke Bogdan & John Shin, 66

Whistler GC // Oliver Tubb, 68

Squamish Valley // Bryn Parry, 72

University // Lenny Cyr, 64

Chilliwack // Oliver Tubb, 66

Meadow Gardens // Andrew Rasmussen, 66

Tour Championship // Parry, O’Rourke, Jonas & Clapp, 69


Luke Bogdan won twice for the second consecutive season with an win at Quilchena and later at Chilliwack. Oliver Tubb went low to win at Ledgeview with a 5-under 65, one of his two wins. Phil Jonas, fresh off his win at Richmond CC, took the Tour Championship for 2017. He fired a 7-under 65 at UGC for the second round to clinch the 2 shot win over Lenny Cyr.

Quilchena // Luke Bogdan, 67

Ledgeview // Oliver Tubb, 65

Royalwood // Kyle McMurphy, 69

Morgan Creek // Kevin Stinson, 68

Tsawassen Springs // Larry Park, Tom Flockhart & Matt Steinbach, 67

Chilliwack // Luke Bogdan, 67

Whistler GC // Bryn Parry, 68

Squamish Valley // Dave Zibrik, Oliver Tubb & Doug Morgan, 71

Sandpiper // Matt Makinson, 68

Richmond // Phil Jonas, 70

Tour Championship // Phil Jonas, 135


The season was highlighted by a pair of 66’s from Sergej Dronov at Capilano & Lenny Cyr at Tsawassen Springs. Luke Bogdan won twice but none were better than Bryn Parry, who finished atop the leaderboard four times. Parry won three straight events at Richmond, Quilchena and Morgan Creek before his fourth at Chilliwack weeks later. Doug Morgan cruised at Point Grey & Richmond for a four shot victory at the Tour Championship, avenging his 2014 playoff loss.

Meridian Exhibition // Mark Kitts

Marine Drive // Andrew Smart, 70

Capilano // Sergej Dronov, 66

Richmond // Bryn Parry & Dave Zibrik, 70

Quilchena // Padraic O’Rourke, Bryn Parry & Matthew Steger, 70

Morgan Creek // Bryn Parry & Matt Palsenbarg, 69

Royalwood // Phil Jonas & Clark MacPherson, 69

Chilliwack // Bryn Parry, 67

Ledgeview // Luke Bogdan, 69

Tsawassen Springs // Lenny Cyr, 66

Sandpiper // Luke Bogdan, 68

Tour Championship // Doug Morgan, 137


Split between Royal Colwood & Bear Mountain, the Georgia Straight Cup was retained by the Mainland team to start the 2015 season. Scott Shepherd fired a season best 6-under 66 to win at Riverway. The season belonged to Dave Zibrik, who won three times, the only multiple winner on the year. After early season wins at Richmond & Quilchena he took the Tour Championship title. His second round 68 was enough to secure a one stroke victory over Matt Makinson. Bryn Parry finished two back in 3rd at 140.

Georgia Straight Cup (Island) // Mainland def. Island

Richmond CC // Dave Zibrik, Jeff Buder & Mark Strong, 70

Capilano // Oliver Tubb, 68

Quilchena // Dave Zibrik, Luke Bogdan & Padraic O’Rourke, 72

Royalwood // Bryn Parry & Padraic O’Rourke, 68

Morgan Creek // Jeff Lindemulder, 70

Riverway // Scott Shepherd, 66

Chilliwack // Kyle German, 68

Whistler GC // Tim Wilson, 70

Nicklaus North // Andrew Smart, 69

Swaneset // Greg Pool & Phil Jonas, 67

Tour Championship // Dave Zibrik, 138


Hosted at Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club, the Mainland defeated the Island in a weather shortened Georgia Straight Cup. The 2014 had 11 different winners before Greg Pool finished the season with back to back victories. Pool went low in tough conditions at Chateau Whistler to close out the regular season before winning the Tour Championship at Richmond Country Club in a 1-hole playoff over Doug Morgan.

Georgia Straight Cup (Mainland) // Mainland def. Island

Marine Drive // James Harper & Bryn Parry, 69

Richmond CC // Dave Zibrik, 68

Quilchena // Jeff Lindemulder & Justin Min, 72

Tsawassen Springs // Brendan Southwind, 66

Redwoods // Padraic O’Rourke, 69

Whistler GC // Oliver Tubb, 69

Chilliwack // Matt Dunn, 68

Sagebrush 2-Ball // Jason Cordes/Scott Shepherd

Chateau Whistler // Greg Pool, 68

Tour Championship // Greg Pool, 69